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COVID Isolation

COVID isolation has had an impact on people in many different ways, physically, emotionally, and everything in between. In my practice, some people have felt the enforced isolation is a good excuse to stay away from people, for others they feel increased frustration, and others feel very alone. All of these reactions plus more are reasonable in the current COVID situation.

As you can see, by the wide range of reactions to COVID isolation, there is not one way to help your self through this time. If you find the isolation a relief, or are enjoying it, now is a good time to understand why it is a relief. Understanding why it is a relief gives you the opportunity to plan how you would like to handle being around people or certain people when the world opens up again.

Frustration seems to be a common response. If this is your concern right now, pin pointing the cause of the frustration is helpful. When so much information and/or changes are coming at you it can be difficult to figure out exactly where the frustration is coming from, however once this known you can make choices of how to handle it. Some of the choices might be limiting the information or a specific type of information, adding something fun to your daily schedule as an extra stress reliever (FUN is a great stress reliever), or writing a blog or letters etc. to share your thoughts, or just talking to others who understand you. All of these can help to address the frustration, if you find yours is getting worse with COVID isolation.

COVID isolation is the first time many people have felt lonely. It is so unusually to be constrained in the amount of people you can have contact with on a daily basis and this causes unexpected struggles. I also feel that this issue has been discussed in the media more than some of the other reaction. Some of the popular suggestions of using alternative ways to talk with people and do activities, skype, zoom etc. It is also a great time to join an on line group, where there are actual interactions, that interest you. Also exploring new activities even solitary ones that bring you joy. Exploring ways that you can connect with others but also with yourself assists with loneliness.

Even though COVID is isolating and keeps people apart does not mean that you have less other stresses in your life, as in kids, parents, jobs, school, financial etc. it just means there are some extra changes that each person is having to deal with. If these suggestions are not enough to assist in your situation reaching out to a professional to discuss your situation and concerns with can be very helpful.

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