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Growth Happens

Gail H Therapy and Associates

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"Knowing you are becoming someone you can be proud of. There is no greater motivation than that"

Fearless Soul

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What is Therapy?

Understanding the path to change

Therapy is often shown as a person lying on a couch talking about their dreams.  Even though this has influenced current therapy, it is much more.  There are many different reasons therapy occurs but the main reason for therapy is for someone to address the situations in their life they are having difficulties with.  A therapist's job is to share ways to address these challenges .

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Therapeutic Services


Individual Therapy

Life can be hard, confusing, and leave a person wondering how they ended up in this place.  Does it seem as though you keep returning to the same difficulties whether they are memories that will not let you rest? Feeling like no one understands what you are going through?  Struggling with your everyday relationships? Or just struggling with your everyday?  These are changeable.

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Couples Therapy

Relationships always have their ups and downs. When a relationship becomes more about arguments than time together.  When you are unsure of how you go to this place of just living together but not being together. These are changeable.

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Gail Hogarth, RCSW, MSW,

Contact: (587) 989-1244 or

Life can be hard, confusing, and leave a person wondering how they ended up in this place.  Feeling like you keep returning to the same difficulties. You may know where these difficulties come from or you may not. Whether these are individual or relationship difficulties nothing seems to work, this is when speaking to someone with training can help.  As a master level social worker my goal is to help people find hope and experience new ways of addressing their struggles.  I incorporate both the mind and body, using my training in EMDR, S.I.T., Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and EFT for couples, to assist people to be comfortable with who they are.
So if you are 11 - 99 and have experienced trauma or difficulties in life from the military, policing, childhood trauma or you are just not sure of yourself maybe I can help.

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